An announcement

Hi Folks!

Thank you for reading my blog and coming back to check for latest posts even during my absence. My stats are doing the talking.

As for this post, it is to announce that here on this blog will turn into my photolog. Through this blog I will be posting photographs clicked by me. It may or may not take a new name to make it official. I’ve already posted few of my clicks on this page of mine and there has been a good enough response. Thanks for that as well!

This doesn’t mean I’m quitting writing. I’ve realized that my virtual creations are all hay wire because I’m possibly using every social media platform, both micro blogging and regular blogging. What started out as ‘experimenting the space’ led to creations that I couldn’t give up.  So, I’ve finally gotten down to organizing things around here.

So if you are looking forward to read my future quill talks then visit/follow/subscribe to and (Yeah, these two still needs sorting out).

I wanted to delete all the other previous posts which aren’t photography related from this blog but decided against it because as always i’ve gotten attached to them.

See you later! See you soon!


The black and white affair

I have always found black and white photography intriguing. To me, it’s makes the pictures captured mystical and not to mention gives it a whole new meaning and serenity. Here is a little of my work from the past few days. I’ve been clicking on monochrome mode a lot. It’s a treat for the eyes, I think so.  They are all, as one of the fellow photographers I came across called it, SOOC ( Straight out of camera ) which means minus all the post processing.